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Noise Reduction Management System (NRMS) 

Self sustainable off-grid stations gather noise measurements to influence wind farm production

Askam wind farm

A wind farm in Cumbria had a history of noise nuisance complaints which has resulted in considerable amount of revenue loss due to turbine curtailments. 

Long term deployment of conventional noise monitoring solutions was simply unaffordable. Smarter Microgrid was engaged to substantially increase the operating hours of the wind farm, whilst improving the neighbours relation; by implementation of a next generation Noise Reduction Management System with innovative functionalities, including: 

  • Three noise monitoring stations which allow real-time monitoring and recording of the wind farm noise
  • Novel implementation of innovative algorithm to detect ‘Amplitude Modulation’ noise events
  • Data collection, correlation and analysis
  • Feed the noise data back to the wind farm control system, achieving an enhanced site operation within the permitted noise levels  

Noise Monitoring Station

Noise Sensor

The stations are fully weatherproof, powered via onboard stand alone sustainable power systems. They are also movable to facilitate deployment at different locations across the farm. 

Each Noise Station Undertakes:

➜ Noise measurement data collection and local processing

➜ Provision of dual path communication links to cloud and other stations

➜ Feedbacks production curtailment instructions to the wind farm SCADA system in noisy conditions

The overall system problem to be solved included deployment in to a challenging physical environment in Cumbria which meant the stations had to withstand the harsh weather for their expected 6 year lifetime. 

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MPPT report

The site now has digital ‘ears’ which are utilised to set the performance levels, consequently, turbines are only curtailed during very high noise emission periods. 


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