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Smarter Microgrid
Making the most of your minigrid

Using our system of mass instrumentation, unifying data from diverse sources, and providing actionable information in dashboards and reports that are easy to use, minigrids can help to maximise economic development in rural and peri-urban communities.

Smart Microgrid Controller


Smart Microgrid Controller (SMC) combines consumption and generation data to create valuable new information streams. These feed both the SMC reporting function and its user programmable policy system. This powerful but usable automation tool enables fully automated minigrid interventions in accordance with user preferences.

Introduction to a Microgrid Project Lifecycle

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Our system has been carefully developed to run on very low cost computers such as the Raspberry Pi. Built over the open and free Linux OS, the UMS software is portable to even cheaper single board computers as they become available


The UMS is carefully designed to provide maximum compatibility with all types of generators and storage regardless of their type or manufacturer, including existing and refurbished equipment

Policy driven

An intuitive policy-based system provides flexible system behaviour to the administrator, to satisfy local needs as they change from time to time, without requiring any code modifications by the system developer


There is unrestricted potential to incorporate new devices to satisfy existing needs or adapt to future needs, without repeated and expensive intervention from the original equipment suppliers or their agents 


Any desired level of redundancy can be implemented in the hardware components to ensure high availability and resilience.
This is one of the benefits of the highly distributed nature of our UMS

Call to action

Over the last five years we have implemented a Smart Microgrid Controller for our own in house use. Our aspiration now is to find early adopter customers and go to market partners to provide real-world user stories, to drive our onward development priorities regarding functionality. We want to initiate conversations with potential partners, who would be interested to work with us on this mission. In particular we wish to talk with:


For whom the primary goal is to invest in such economic development of rural communities

Technology partners

Who could be commercial enterprises or university departments

Community leaders

Who are interested in helping to enable economic development of rural communities

Delivery partners

Who are willing and able to add relevant and appropriate expertise locally


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