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Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Our Corporate PPA will enable small and medium-sized generators and consumers in commerce and industry to obtain substantial financial and sustainability benefits. 

This is achieved by using renewable energy generation and providing modern, cost-effective systems to match it with electricity consumption, as a new electricity supplier, as illustrated in the summarised supply chain below:


Distributed Generation Ltd (DGL)


DGL is a privately-owned company operating medium-scale wind turbines across the UK. Our original business model was designed to facilitate local communities to benefit directly from local wind turbines, which we have now established.
Consequently, we are now on a mission to help many more small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve their net-zero targets, by providing low-cost, green energy, using a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement.
Until recently such benefits were normally only available to large corporations with substantial legal departments and systems specialists, who could create and operate the necessary contracts and systems.  

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA)

A CPPA reduces your net carbon footprint and your costs, by contractually matching the electricity that you consume at any location, or group of locations, with renewable energy generated elsewhere. 
It creates the following benefits:



Lower Electricity Price

By sourcing your electricity directly from us, we can minimise the costs of intermediary electricity supply, and use part of the savings to reduce the cost of your electricity.
With locked-in fixed electricity rates, a CPPA can also provide a hedging mechanism to deliver long-term price stability to you. It is a way to lower, and to make more predictable, this important part of your cost structure.


Renewable Energy 

Contractually matching your electricity consumption with renewable generation is the most effective route to genuinely reducing your company’s carbon footprint. By linking your offtake to specific renewable production, your sustainability efforts actually become measurable.
With a CPPA, you support production of green electricity, benefit from guarantees of origins and receive renewable green power from one or more renewable sources.


Sustainability Leadership 

Entering your organisation into a CPPA contract explicitly designed to add new renewable energy generation to the grid is known as additionality. This direct effect indicates to your shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees that you are actively supporting the construction of a more sustainable world.
Communicating about this achievement, and the guarantees of origins of the electricity you are buying, give your brand a positive image, which is increasingly significant to success. 

We are excited to be launching DGL’s CPPA initiative, and we are looking for partners wanting to offtake renewable generation to match their consumption. 

If our CPPA initiative resonates with your aspiration to substantially reduce your company’s carbon footprint and electricity costs, we would be interested to talk with you to explore this exciting opportunity together.

If CPPA is of interest to you, please use the form below to get in touch. 


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