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Automated Transfer Switch (ATS)

Local consumers enjoy the lower-cost renewable energy from their local wind turbine during production periods.


The ATS box comprises: 

  • Meters which monitor the electricity import from the two individual supplies
  • Isolators to protect the equipment against potential power surge exceeding the ATS design envelope 
  • mechanical interlock contactor which alternates the supply to the consumers
  • Mediation device monitors and controls the ATS operational behaviour based on its configured policy

The intelligent policy engine running on the mediation device automatically switches the electricity supply from the grid to WT when there is adequate renewable generation available. The operation sequence includes:  

  1. Collection of the data streams from the local wind turbine and consumers
  2. The policy analyses the data and produces the outcome which secures either the grid or the wind turbine connection according to the set parameters 
  3. A relay is energised which causes the mechanical interlock contactor to switch between the SSE and the wind turbine 

Dashboard Screenshot 


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